I am a small hobby breeder of the beautiful and intelligent Bengal cat breed, previously based in Slough, Berkshire but we will have now moved to the wonderful county of Devon which we are all excited about. I have always had pet cats for as long as I can remember from childhood right until I grew up and had my own home and family. I have always admired the bengal cat for it's beauty and intelligence and always wanted to get into breeding them but never had the time. I started breeding in 2014 and despite it's ups and downs it always gives me so much pleasure. Bengal cats are highly intelligent, extremely naughty at times and very vocal when they want to be. They love to be the centre of attention and want to be involved in whatever you are doing, even having a shower or brushing your teeth. It would be a very quiet home without them and I would not be without them. All of my cats live at home with me and are a part of the family. Future kittens will all be raised indoors and handled from birth with lots of time devoted to them to ensure they are well socialised and confident. When kittens leave me, they will be litter-trained and health checked by a veterinary surgeon at least three times. They will be fully vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated. They will also be micro-chipped and neutered/spayed before re-homing. I am a proud member of the Bengal Cat Club and my breeding cats are heart screened and genetically tested to ensure healthy offspring. All kittens will be GCCF registered and a five-generation pedigree will be supplied. Each kitten will be provided with five weeks free insurance with Agria pet insurance.

We are a GCCF and TICA registered cattery.

Kaisheibengals is a GCCF and TICA registered prefix.