‚ÄčIce Queen

A fantastic day at the Southern Counties and Croydon cat show winning best of breed and best of variety at both shows. He also gained two grand challenge certificates. One more to go to make him a Grand champion. We are so proud of him for doing so well.


Goldnglitz Champagne Bubbles.  

Kosuke is our gorgeous stud boy who we have owned since 2017. He is a sweet-natured and friendly boy who loves human company and a good cuddle. He's been doing well on the GCCF show circuit and is has now been confirmed that he is now an Imperial Grand champion after achieving his 5th CC at the Kernow Cat Club show on March 26th 2022.We are very proud of him! Kosuke has a beautiful pelt-like coat, with lots of large and medium sized doughnut rosettes We love his expressive green eyes. He has sired some very beautiful kittens and we are always excited to welcome future litters. He carries for snow so are hoping for some snow babies in the Spring of 2023 as he has been mated with our new snow queen who is called Daenerys. He is PK def N/N and Bengal PRA normal. He tested FIV and FELV negative in September 2021. He was heart screened for HCM in January 2023 and was normal.